1. Hello, my dearies! Your "Auntie Erik" has a classic drink recipe for your summer. When I think of a hot summer, I love to imagine sipping on a cool, frosty tiki drink.
  2. My absolute favorite tiki summer drink is the pina colada.
  3. The etymology of the name: "pina colada" is literally translated from Spanish as: "strained pineapple", which makes sense considering that one is using crushed pineapple as a central ingredient.
  4. Interestingly enough, it became the national drink of Puerto Rico in 1978, as it legend has it that it was first invented by the famous Puerto Rican pirate Roberto Cofresi.
    He supposedly gave his crew a drink of creme of coconut and rum as a reward, but the recipe was lost upon his death in 1825.
  5. It took a while, but the drink was re-introduced at the Caribe Hilton Beachcomber's Bar in San Juan by the bartender Ramon Marrero Perez in 1954.
    It was SO wildly popular, that this bar has served this drink every day ever since.
  6. The secret? Oh, I'll get to that.
  7. So...how do you make this? Come on, Michaelsen! Get to the damn drink!
  8. Okay. In my opinion, the real secret of this drink is freshness. However, if you can't get fresh, you do one simple addition: creme de coconut.
  9. Start out with pineapple chunks. You can do it fresh or frozen, but you want a good amount.
  10. 6 oz. of Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut.
    This is your secret weapon. This ingredient came to us as Coco Lopez creme de coconut, first created by Don Ramon Lopez-Izarry in Puerto Rico in 1948. Hence, the Puerto Rican connection. It is extraordinarily tasty and extremely useful in all tiki drinks.
  11. 2 oz. of unsweetened coconut milk.
    Get the solid mixture into the blender, as well as the liquid. It creates a better coconut flavor.
  12. 8 oz. of white or coconut rum.
    Yeah. You read that right. It's a BIG drink.
  13. Add ice, and then get it blended slightly.
  14. Then, take the whole blender and put it in the freezer for 30 minutes. Yes, I swear...don't freak out.
  15. You make ask: "Well, wait a hot minute, Michaelsen! You just blended the drink in the blender! Why put it in the freezer? That don't make sense, son! What gives?"
    My Southern accent comes out for no reason when I'm fired up.
  16. So...the secret for blended drinks is that you want a consistent texture based on a milkshake. It's not too icy so that it gives you a freezer headache, but it comes out smoother.
    You're not sucking up ice through your straw. That is not fun.
  17. When your blender is ready, add a generous pour of dark rum.
    I use Myer's myself.
  18. Then, the juice of a whole lime. You need that acidity with all the sweetness.
  19. Blend again. Serve in a fun glass, like so:
  20. This drink is the essence of the tropical experience. Plus, it is my go-to summer drink.
  21. However, be warned: this is serious "creeper" drink. To quote the famous Annie upon her first sip of this libation: "Holy shitballs! This is dangerously delicious!"
  22. Incidentally, "National Pina Colada Day" is July 10th in Puerto Rico...so...you know...DRINK UP!
  23. Cheers!