1. Hey, true imbibers! "Auntie Erik" here with a really amazing drink recipe called: "Summer Ain't Over Yet"!
  2. This recipe comes out of the Queen City herself, good old Cincinnati, OH. I have fond memories and terrible nightmares from that city. However, my cap goes out to whomever made this insanely subtle drink.
  3. Get yourself 1.5 oz. of your favorite dry gin.
    Personally, I love Benham's Gin out of Graton, CA. It's 20 minutes from the house.
  4. .75 of Luxardo Maraschino liquor.
  5. .5 oz of fresh lime juice.
    Just squeeze the thing in your shaker.
  6. Finally, add a dash of this...
  7. Now, you may be saying: "Whoa, whoa... hold the flea market, Michaelsen! What the hell is that?"
  8. That, my friends, is a secret ingredient I picked up upon recommendation from a few bartenders I know. Essentially, bitters are now haute-couture. Everyone is making them, in every damn flavor you can imagine.
  9. So...what does it taste like? And, what are bitters? Here's a tiny bit of history, courtesy of my go-to book: "Dr. Cocktail: Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails."
  10. Bitters are, technically, any alcoholic beverage that utilizes botanical matter in its preparation, resulting in a bitter, or sour flavor.
  11. They date back as far back as the Egyptians, who utilized them for medicinal purposes and for digestion.
  12. In the 19th century, the British would add bitters to Canary wine in order to aid digestion, and it was immensely popular in the early American colonies.
    They aided with sea-sickness, fatigue...you name it. They claimed it.
  13. In 1806, American publications first listed the "Cocktail" as a drink which incorporated bitters, and: "a stimulating liquor, consisting of water, sugar, and aromatic bitters."
    Thank you, Imbibe Magazine.
  14. Today, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different flavors of bitters. However, these guys at Bitterman's do it right.
  15. So...what are Boston Bittahs? I honestly don't know. The flavors I noted were lemon, lime, celery, salt, lavender, and a touch of coriander.
    But...they are powerful. So...USE sparingly.
  16. Put all the ingredients in a metal shaker with ice, and shake until: "ya mama says stop."
    That was in the recipe. I am not kidding.
  17. Pour into a rocks glass with ice. Add a Luxardo Italian cherry as a garnish.
  18. Bottom line: this drink is AH-mazing. There are SO many notes of cherries, citrus, juniper, and a touch bitterness. Every sip gives different elevations of flavor.
  19. I may just say this now: this could be the best damn drink of 2017. I'm just saying.
    Also, this drink goes down wayyyyyyyyy too smoothly. So...watch yourself.
  20. Cheers, everyone! Much love to you all!