1. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce for your consideration, "The Bijou"
  2. This drink was invented by Harry Johnson, writer of "Harry Johnson's New and Improved Bartender's Manual", dated 1900.
  3. Honestly, this is an excellent cocktail. There are notes of mild herbal flavors and fruit. The color is a rich, golden hue. It is absolutely breathtaking in the flavor, and completely unexpected in the finish.
  4. "Bijou" means "jewel" in French, and the thoughts are that the ingredients represent the aspects of specific jewels: gin = diamond, vermouth = ruby, Chartreuse = emerald.
  5. Here is the recipe:
  6. 1.5 oz. of gin. I use (again) Ford's London dry gin.
  7. 1/2 oz. of sweet vermouth. I prefer Dolin's.
  8. 1/2 oz. of green Chartreuse
  9. Now, kids...as a word of warning: be exact with the Chartreuse. This stuff has a flavor that is extremely herbaceous, and it will overpower everything in the drink. When I mean "extremely", I mean that I use it very, very sparingly. Okay? Okay. You've been warned.
  10. Add a dash of orange bitters. I prefer Regan's No. 6
  11. Put all the ingredients in a metal shaker over ice. Shake well. Serve up in a martini glass.
  12. Like...so:
  13. Again, the flavors are gorgeous. Fruit from the vermouth, the herbal, almost licorice flavor of the Chartreuse, and that lovely, lovely dry gin.
  14. Cheers!