1. In my recovery from last night's drinking, my nasty side came out.
  2. It was on a client that was hitting on my employee. My employee is married with two kids.
  3. To begin with, the guy's a creep. However, it's offensive, rude, and unprofessional to hit on my employees when we're actively representing the person.
  4. Furthermore, she's happily married. Go fuck yourself.
  5. He called today, asking why my employee's e-mail bounced back. I told him that she, literally, had just left our firm for a new job.
  6. He started asking all of these questions about her personal life. I got pissed.
  7. I told him that it was: a. discourteous to her, as he is aware that she is married and she very tactfully shut down his bullshit in the past, b. unprofessional, as we have to maintain a working relationship with him for the remainder of his case, and c. just plain rude.
  8. I told him that he'll deal with me directly from now on, and to stop bothering my staff.
  9. God dammit, stuff like that fucking irritates me.
  10. Look, I may be a lot of things...bon vivant, roguishly handsome, borderline-highly-functioning-alcoholic-wanna-be-Spice-Girl...but my hackles go up when people are not respectful to women, their bodies, their relationships...especially, when it comes from my creepy-ass client.
  11. Ta-da 😤😠😡🕷🦂🦀🍺🍻🍾🍷🍸☕️🍼🍹