1. Good stuff:
  2. Bought a truck. I can now haul crap around.
  3. Relaxed a little more. Work has been steady.
  4. Got rid of one car finally. It frees up my driveway.
  5. Bad stuff:
  6. The current administration.
  7. Congress.
  8. Abstract fears of death and destruction of our world
  9. Hopes for the next quarter:
  10. Lose 50 pounds.
  11. Become a ninja.
  12. Get Moony some agility training.
  13. Pray that sense and reason brings us in, and we don't all get killed by 45 and his "Anti-Scooby Gang" of dipshits.
  14. Possible future scenarios:
  15. Loss.
  16. Gains.
  17. Fears allayed.
  18. Fears confirmed.
  19. Hopeful goals:
  20. Survive. Stay alive. Thrive. Resist.
  21. First quarter assessment: Ehhhhhhhh?