1. It descends from my scalp onto my face, on occasion. Hence, my decision to grow a beard to hide it.
  2. It's itchy as hell. The psoriasis and the beard, I mean.
  3. As it is 80 degrees out here at the moment, I go out in the sun as much as humanly possible for that extra bit of UV radiation.
  4. I feel like I always smell of shea butter.
  5. I have to shower four or five times a day just to make my scalp look halfway normal.
  6. Even with losing weight and exercising a lot to help, the flare ups come at inconvenient, and highly embarrassing times.
  7. No one in my family has this condition, which makes it equally depressing.
  8. On top of it all, the Kardashians claim they have psoriasis, which is even more depressing to me since that makes the one thing that I find annoying as hell in this world is the one thing that we actually have in common.
  9. I don't really want a huge ass, nor a sex tape, nor to be known for: "professionally existing."
  10. People may read this list and think: "Hunh. Was this a list of his complaints about psoriasis, or a thinly veiled attack on the Kardashians?"
  11. The answer is...maybe?