Besides SEXTing and drinking.
  1. My day consisted of the following:
  2. Getting highly annoyed with drop-in clients that don't make appointments.
  3. Getting highly annoyed with clients that only want to take part in their case when they want something that they shouldn't buy.
  4. Getting severely annoyed with highly paranoid and suspicious clients that don't believe that they are getting their: "money's worth out of their lawyers", when they don't seem to realize that 99.8% of our job is making it so that there are zero complications with their bankruptcy case.
    The other .2% is purely administrative shit.
  5. Getting insanely annoyed with clients that make appointments first thing on a Monday, and don't show up at all. Oh! They also turn off their phones too.
  6. So...fuck it. I'm annoyed.
  7. SEXT (full-service style)