For Valentine's Day.
  1. Throw something.
  2. Jump up and down.
  3. Make biscuits.
  4. Buy a zebra.
  5. Throw your hands up in dismay over San Francisco drivers.
  6. Pour something into a glass. Then, throw it at your flirt-person.
  7. Apologize for doing so. Blame lack of food.
  8. SEXT
  9. Give everyone you see a high-five.
  10. Give everyone you see five: "Hi's".
  11. Strip down, scream: "For Asgard!", and burst in on your flirt-person during dinner.
  12. Bonus points: avoid arrest for as long as possible.
  13. Wink a lot.
  14. Wink so much that the flirt-person has to ask if you're having a stroke.
  15. Avoid strokes.
  16. Dress up as a giant rabbit, and hop around your flirt-person. Then, lay down at their feet.
  17. Look cute and fuzzy.
  18. If all else fails, buy a bottle of something and scream at birds. Again, avoid arrest.