1. Start by taking a picture of something incredibly stupid.
  2. Post this picture on every social media app that you subscribe or post upon.
  3. Write in all capital letters: "SEXT". Post it.
  4. Send it to every single person you know at anytime.
  5. Examples: SEXT
    44f4b8df 3ad2 45ab a804 e8f0a8ded844
  6. SEXT
    Fc42269d 72b8 4b85 8c59 f95dfd43ff9f
  7. SEXT
    9b3870e0 51cf 4992 9b66 e767678aef95
  8. Confuse everyone. Make new enemies. Piss off current friends. Annoy co-workers. IT NEVER ENDS!