1. But, I feel like hell.
  2. I make a mean Manhattan, kids. It's subtle, it's tasty, it's highly alcoholic, and you should probably have just one.
  3. I make "pure" Manhattans, which means you use both sweet and dry vermouth. I also add orange bitters, as well as the traditional Angostura bitters. It adds a mild citrus flavor.
  4. Yes, I make them: "10 Minute" style. That means I'm just creating a "cold" convection oven out of a metal bar shaker. It's the only way I will mix a martini-style drink "up".
  5. I was using a really nice bourbon out of Kentucky called: "Buffalo Trace". Mild, oaky finish. Very affordable, very mix-able, and very, very drinkable.
  6. If I don't vomit later, I may decide to put up the recipe.
  7. Ta-da