1. My mom was director of nurses for a lot of various nursing homes in Sonoma County.
  2. Ultimately, she ended up in one of the places that she used to manage. That's another story.
  3. Anyway, this client was in her 80's, had lost both of her legs due to diabetes, and was riding around in a wheelchair.
  4. She had a lot of unsecured debt because she enjoyed shopping. It was her pastime. I can't fault her for that. (Remember - I do bankruptcy for a living. I think in terms of debt.)
  5. Walking into the place, it had a profound effect on me. I haven't walked into one of these since my mom died.
  6. However, it worked out for the best. It just made me sad.
  7. Nursing homes are nice, yet tremendously sad places for me. Incidentally, I forgot to add that I tried to fix our client's screen door. The lack of funding for some nursing homes is criminally reprehensible.
  8. I've had a few, which dulled a lot of shit for me.
  9. Ta-da