Inspired by everyone doing this list.
  1. That true revolution comes from either the voices of the oppressed, or a 17-year old kid with a Fender guitar.
  2. That all martinis should be made in "ten-minute style". This is not an option. This is just my opinion.
  3. That a dog or cat or any kind of pet that truly touches your heart can save your life, enrich your soul, and make you happy.
  4. That every human being on this planet, even if you disagree with their politics, religion, or social views, deserves love and respect. Except Hitler. That guy's a straight-up racist dick.
  5. That women and men should be treated equally and respected in every way, shape, and form, and society should reflect that equanimity.
  6. That cheap beer is nice, but drinking cheap beer with dear friends is nicer.
  7. That good books teach us to dream, to think, and to learn.
  8. That if one can read, one can do anything...even fixing my garbage disposal.
  9. That, if I could ever own it, I would buy a bottle of 1975 Chateau D'Yquem to drink on the day of the birth of my first child.
  10. That Lillet Blanc over ice, with a slice of orange, is a gorgeous drink, and you should try it.
  11. That you all are beautiful, unique souls, and you are all wonderful. Thank you all for being out there and being a part of this community.