1. Well, this morning Annie announces something spectacular to me (work-related...sorry. I should clarify) on the same day that Li.st is going to be shut down.
    Hence, the irony of this place getting shut down. I don’t get to share that phase with you all. Dammit.
  2. I have always said this before, but I am eternally grateful for the people that I have met, gotten to know, and became close with from this community.
  3. You all have walked me through a very difficult set of years...years filled with personal loss and struggle.
    R.I.P to @biz and Twilly Bean.
  4. Also, this app has been good for me in the sense that I can make you laugh. Maybe, you might even chuckle at stupid things I post.
    Currently, I do that on Instagram. It’s not the same, but hopefully it makes you smile.
  5. I wish I could explain how much you all have meant to me. I wish I could take all of you in the next phase of life together.
  6. I’ve struggled with heartache, death, highly-functioning alcohol abuse, and this crazy ass job I built. I got to share that struggle out loud, and never felt judgment or shame for it by any of you.
    You all let me be myself. That is a huge thing.
  7. Honestly, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry right now. Today is an amazingly sad, yet weird assed (in a good way) day.
  8. I am furiously trying to friend request folks on Twitter and Instagram that post their addresses. Don’t mind me.
  9. I love you all. Thank you all.
  10. P.S. - I have legitimate work shit to do, but I promise to prepare a SEXT list beyond all previous attempts.
  11. SEXT (filled with lightness and glitter style)