1. Maybe, I'm just the guy that: "SEXTs" a lot.
  2. Maybe I'm that guy that seems to desperately try to make you laugh out loud.
  3. Maybe I'm the maudlin one that happens to know wayyyyy too much about booze.
  4. Maybe I'm the guy that feels more than he should.
  5. Maybe I'm the guy that talks more than he should.
  6. Maybe I'm the guy with a dog that's terminally ill that he loves very much, and he is just trying to get her comfortable, and he talks a lot about it.
  7. Maybe I'm the guy that's not looking for sympathy, but inadvertently receives it because of what he says.
  8. Ambiguity...vague references to actual pain...that is how social media gives these impulses and issues a voice.
  9. Sometimes...just sometimes...I hope I can also be the guy that is more than he seems.
  10. Hopefully, you all can see me as a: "friend", a "half-way decent bartender", and a "guy with an odd sense of humor."
  11. Occasionally, I talk about the law, my life and my thoughts. As such, my thoughts are different right now.
  12. I want to say that a lot has happened this year. We've lost friends here on this List. We're watching the weirdest election ever in American politics. We're sitting on the edge of a potential powder keg of global proportions.
  13. We're struggling financially. We're thinking about dying, about love, and about ourselves and who we are in the world.
  14. We're all human, and we all share our pain in unison.
  15. So...tonight, I'm just your friend Erik. If it were a bar, I'd pour you a drink. If it were a stage, I'd play some guitar for you. If it anyway possible to change the inevitability of the madness we're facing, it'd be my pleasure to do so.
  16. But, I can't.
  17. I am here. I am Erik, son of Michael, and I am, as always, ever yours in spirit.
  18. Cheers.