1. Here's my pointer, Twilly. She's 13.
  2. She's been having issues where she coughs and collapses. Then, she gets back up immediately. This has been going off and on for a month.
  3. Yesterday, she did it five times. We knew something was up with her. We took her to the E.R.
  4. She was diagnosed with pulmonary myopathy. Her heart was very enlarged, and she had fluid in her lungs.
  5. They got her on medication and oxygen. According to the vet, she is doing really well.
  6. The vet told us that, best case scenario, we get her for another year, tops. Currently, she is on a DNR order, as her quality of life were she to have a massive cardiac event is pretty low.
  7. I love this dog. I've known Twilly as long as I've known my wife. She is my: "kid", my ridiculous teenage daughter, my pal.
  8. So...think good thoughts. A year is a long time, and I hope we get to be with her every day. I just want her home.
  9. That's all. You can go about your business.