Sorry, kids. Auntie Erik is pissed.
  1. I'm feeling scared about the future.
  2. I'm feeling frightened about our country, our citizens, and our future. I fear that it's heading down a disturbing and inexorable path.
  3. I fear that we are going to die in a nuclear conflagration in the next four years.
  4. If America physically survives it, I fear it will be irrevocably changed forever.
  5. I also fear that none of our appointed and elected representatives will do anything to stop it.
  6. I didn't live these past 41 years just to watch my country become a shadow of its former self, nor become a smoking graveyard.
  7. I don't know what to say to Trump supporters. Honestly, I don't even know what to say to Trump voters.
  8. I vacillate between feelings of extreme rage and anger. I feel strange and perverse pleasure of hopefully watching everything they care about (medical care, Social Security, the environment, cost of food, gas, housing) get trashed.
  9. I find myself feeling good about myself when I think about this sudden, bizarre reversal of basic amenities, how it will directly harm the average Trump supporter, and how their racist, sexist, homophobic mouths will be silenced by the damning realization of their decision to vote for this piece of utter shit.
  10. I do not like these feelings. I am frightened of how easily I can feel such vitriolic hate.
  11. I am frightened that my life will end quickly, and it will be at the hands of a sociopath with the greatest offensive weapon system ever conceived by man (on both sides).
  12. ....
  13. ....
  14. ....
  17. Whether they voted with their conscience or not, I can't condemn them for their choice.
  18. I don't know if I've been so naive that I couldn't see this level of hatred, but I feel like I just woke up to this new world.
  19. Despite the gross, vile, and utterly disgusting racist and sexist attacks that have happened recently, I can't bring myself to their level.
  20. I cannot, on any level, give them that kind of power over me.
  21. I am frightened, angry, and terrified that I may be a parent in the coming years, and I have to explain to my child that this was never: "normal".
  22. However brief, brutal, destructive, and terrifyingly short existence may be, I cannot resort to the anger that I've seen. I won't.
  23. "Think as a man of action. Act, as a man of thought." - Henri Bergson.