I've managed to re-injure the same spot in my back that got me "retired" from UPS at 22.
  1. Sunday, I was moving furniture from the office. I didn't lift with my knees with one piece in particular.
  2. Suffice it to say, I was in so much pain yesterday, I couldn't actually move my right leg.
  3. Here's some key lessons to take from this example, children:
  4. Watch your back muscles. I realize that this is physically impossible to do. However, your lower back can be one of the most injury-prone areas of your body if you don't use proper safety procedures.
  5. Icy Hot is a godsend.
  6. Ibuprofen does nothing for pain, but keeps swelling down.
  7. I've learned to become left-handed very quickly. Also, getting up or sitting up is an interesting process.
  8. "Old-timey" medicine, such as booze or drugs, do nothing. Sure, they kill pain on a short-term level, but they do nothing to assist in actually healing oneself.
    Basically, whiskey really helps nothing, kids.
  9. I have to move in two weeks, have multiple petitions to do, estate planning stuff to review and modify, and just took on two business bankruptcy cases. The stress is palpably obvious.
    And, currently, I'm fielding phone calls on my back while drinking coffee and watching CNN. I hate this.
  11. Thank you. That was your public service announcement from your dear old "Auntie Erik".
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