ME at Oxford - Wadham College, 1995

In case you were wondering. These are all shitty shots.
  1. This was my dormitory, although you couldn't really call it a dorm. It was just a series of small flats. It was quaint and adorable.
  2. This was the door to my dormitory. The sign reads: "Drink me", as a nod to "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", and as the building was constructed in 1693, and the ceilings were only 5"8'. I would often smack my head on the door jam or ceiling walking around my place.
    I was 6" 1', but had to stoop over all the time. I did, however, have a bathroom and shower in the attic, which was highly convenient.
  3. The street below from my dorm window. On the corner, the pub.
  4. The street below, to the left.
  5. More of the outside of the building.
  6. Me, in bed. Looking HAWT. (Not a SEXT)
  7. Common grounds, Wadham College. You weren't allowed to walk on this area. No one is really ever supposed to walk on any common area. On the last night there, I played Frisbee Golf for the first time. I was barefoot, so as to not ruin the grass.
  8. The King's Arms, Oxford. The pub conveniently on the corner.
  9. Me, on top of a castle on a day exposition. I honestly forget which one.
  10. More of the same. Check out the countryside in the background.
  11. This qualifies as a SEXT.