1. I went to work.
  2. I talked with clients.
  3. I did "my thing".
  4. I gave my opinions on things.
  5. I realized that I was alive.
  6. I realized someone who I liked very much was not.
  7. I worried about myself, and the distance of perspective that existed between us, my friend and I, and all those that I have lost, and where they are now.
  8. I worried, and worried some more. I worried the distance separated us now. I worried that I couldn't see them, and that I couldn't see myself, feel myself, understand myself.
  9. I reach out for them over that divide.
  10. I hope they can hear me.
  11. I am alive. They are not.
  12. Forgive me.
  13. I yearn for you to be with us, as much as I hope you yearn for us to be with you...unseen, and at rest.