My Drink to Absent Friends

  1. To Ruth and Mike.
  2. To Donald and Clute.
  3. To Brad, Chris, Mickler, and Dr. Katz.
  4. To my niece and nephew.
  5. To my extended family.
  6. To Homer J. Michaelsen, the best dog a guy could ever have.
  7. To the cat that kept sitting with us on the bar's patio area.
  8. To my baby girl, Twilly.
  9. To my little boys, Moony and Froggy.
  10. To Kool and the Gang for keeping it real
  11. To my friend, Jon.
  12. To the weirdo that offered me his tacos at the bar.
  13. To the copious amount and variety of alcohol that I consumed earlier.
  14. To the copious amount and variety of alcohol that I will eject later.
  15. To the tatchos that I ate, and "didn't" eat.
  16. To the single-most weird and kinda shitty birthday celebrations I've ever had.
  17. To a long and tiring day.
  18. To you all who could not hang with me yesterday, due to financial, physical, temporal and otherwise personal constraints. I mean, come on. I'm fun, but not fun enough to waste your time hanging out with on a Saturday.
  19. To baby trees. Bonsai.
  20. Cheers.