1. Cincinnati, Ohio.
    For reasons that need no explanation.
  2. Mike Cofer, kicker for the San Francisco 49ers.
    For missing the winning field goal to put us in the Super Bowl in 1990.
  3. The Stanford Cardinal.
    For beating Oregon in 2014, and ruining our record for the National Championship.
  4. Jeremy Bulloch, the guy who played Boba Fett in: "The Empire Strikes Back".
    That is another list.
  5. Clouds.
    Lazy, do-nothing's. Just floating around...doing nothing.
  6. The Spider People
    For many reasons, but specifically because I am constantly the target of multiple assassination attempts by: "Los Locos Ochos", a well-known spider mafia.
  7. Pearl Jam.
    For Eddie Vedder taking too much acid, throwing up in the middle of a song, and having to walk off stage and cancel the show...leaving me to deal with:
  8. Neil Young.
    Who, having already opened for Pearl Jam, played his entire set AGAIN for two more hours (making the "Neil Young" show a total of three hours long). In having to try to find my dumbass friends, I saw him play: "Keep On Rocking In The Free World" five times. Yes. FIVE TIMES.
  9. The Grand Canyon
    That is...such a list. Just...I hate the Grand Canyon.