1. Focus exclusively on the present.
  2. Methodically move from step to step, inch by inch, never giving more or less energy to one thing at a time.
  3. Consider each move as a progressive step that must be painstakingly calculated, and then executed.
  4. Remain dispassionate and calm.
  5. Be flexible, but firm, in my planning.
  6. Concentrate on the movements forward.
  7. Adapt, evolve, survive.
  8. SEXT the hell out of everything.
  9. Ruin a perfectly serious list with some utter nonsense.
  10. Remember that these things I share are not always for myself. Sometimes, they are for the world.
  11. Avoid llamas today.
  12. Realize that I have made a twelve-point list instead of seven.
  13. Research the recipe for: "The Singapore Sling".
  14. Try using more jokes involving Cher.
  15. Drop the mic more.
  16. SEXT