1. Right shoulder: a star.
  2. Left shoulder: a Phoenix.
  3. Back: a murder of crows.
  4. Right arm: the phrase - "Fraus Omnia Corrumpit"
  5. Left arm: the phrase - "No salvation, no forgiveness."
  6. Chest: a tribal sun.
  7. Chest: a circle, with lines coming out from the radius.
  8. Sternum: a Japanese konji translated as: "Ghost"
  9. Right arm: a paw print from my Great Dane Homer.
  10. Right thigh: a playing card of the Queen of Spades.
  11. Right calf: a Japanese konji translated as: "crow".
  12. Right calf:
  13. Right calf:
  14. Left calf: entire leg on fire