My Trifecta Kentucky derby picks

As lovingly requested by @k8zinker Thank you! Please don't bet on any of these horses.
  1. Manfrenjensen, Otto, Wanda
  2. Beer, Scotch, Rum
  3. Eeny, Meanie, Miney
  4. SEXT
  5. SEXT
  6. And SEXT
  7. Yellow, red, blue
  8. Ice Cube, Dre, Snoop
  9. Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus
  10. SEXT-y
  11. SEXT-o
  12. And SEXT-ay
  13. Boob, Senile Felines, and non-palindrome name.
  14. The fastest one, the sort-of fast one, the lesser of the fast ones.