1. We took her off the Sotalal this morning. Since then, we've eaten four bowls of food, drank water, peed, pooped, trotted down the hallway, hung out with us, and seem to be totally normal again.
  2. I'm not saying that a collapse won't come today or tomorrow, or even never. If it happens, and she never makes it back up, she would have died with us. She would have died with her family. She would have had a "good death".
  3. We'll tackle the tachycardia on Monday. Today...for now...I'd rather have my kid back.
  4. As I write this, I can't stop crying. For once in these miserable past six months, these are good fucking tears.
  5. Here's ya girl.
  6. Goodnight. Cheers. Love to you all.