We go every year.
  1. SEXT (Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem)
  2. SEXT
  3. SEXT (look at the size of that thing!)
  4. SEXT
  5. SEXT (being the tallest in my group at 6" 3', I am stuck being the: "living totem pole". Hence, why I am dressed as the Pope)
  6. SEXT
  7. SEXT
  8. SEXT (thinkin' 'bout ya)
  9. SEXT (drinking sake style)
  10. SEXT (ummmmmm)
  11. SEXT #tbt
  12. SEXT
  13. SEXT (I walked 23 miles in three days, and wore a hole through my shoe)
  14. SEXT (my sack is quite balmy, thank you)
  15. SEXT (how I felt after it was all over)
  16. SEXT
  17. SEXT (it's San Francisco. It's fucking COLD with that sea wind and fog)
  18. SEXT
  19. SEXT
  20. SEXT (Santa and his happy elf friend style)