1. But, I did.
  2. I was responding to a good homie of mine on a comment she made, when I hit the letter "b" and it suggested @biz
  3. For those of you that never knew her, @biz was a legend here. She was supportive of other people's lists. She was incredibly funny. She was also a friend of mine, although we had never officially met.
  4. I considered her a friend, and for those that know me well here and off of here, you know I don't say that lightly. She was one of the great ones.
  5. She was here a year ago, and now she is not. She struggled with personal demons that none of us could fathom, and her absence speaks volumes now.
  6. Anyway, my point is: li.st is still important, even in these terrible, dark times.
  7. Be the light and beacon for each other now. I have met some of the most amazing, supportive, brilliant people here because of this app. I will never regret being a part of this community.
  8. If you never knew her, try to find her. She was a fierce writer, a troubled soul, and a good person.
  9. To @biz One of the best.
  10. Cheers.
  11. SEXT