Tattoos That I Regret Having.

  1. My "One Direction" tattoo above my butt. This was before there was a band or something.
  2. My "Kirkland Signature Product" tramp stamp.
  3. My "DHARMA & GREG 4-EVR" tramp stamp.
  4. My Audi 5000 symbol tramp stamp.
  5. This entire thing on my chest.
  6. This, as a tramp stamp.
  7. The "Wonder Bread" logo across my forehead.
  8. A picture of a lemon wearing boxing gloves fighting a walrus wearing a little tuxedo and monocle, on my left shin.
  9. The entire written musical score to: "Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin as a tramp stamp.
  10. This.