Inspired by @AceBanks "Venery" is an archaic word for "hunting", but the plural terms can be partially referenced to in the Book of St. Albans from 1486.
  1. A shrewdness of apes.
  2. A troop of baboons.
  3. A cete of badgers
  4. An erst, swarm, drift, or grist of bees.
  5. A sounder of boars.
  6. A wake of buzzards.
  7. A destruction of feral cats.
  8. An intrusion of cockroaches.
  9. A gulp of cormorants.
  10. A convocation of eagles
  11. A cast of Falcons.
  12. A charm of finches.
  13. A leash or skulk of foxes.
  14. A dopping of goosanders
  15. An array of hedgehogs.
  16. A siege of herons.
  17. A bloat of hippopotamuses.
  18. A mess of iguanas.
  19. A clattering of jackdaws.
  20. A kindle of kittens.
  21. A deceit of lapwings.
  22. A congregation of alligators and magpies.
  23. A puddling of mallards.
  24. A richness of martins.
  25. A plump of moorhens.
  26. A watch of nightingales.
  27. A parliament of owls.
  28. A pandemonium of parrots.
  29. A bouquet of pheasants.
  30. An unkindness of Ravens.
  31. A cluster of spiders.
  32. A murmuration of starlings.
  33. A trip of stoats.
  34. A mustering of storks.
  35. A sownder of swans.
  36. A scream of swifts.
  37. An ambush or streak of tigers.
  38. A rafter of turkeys.
  39. A hover of trout.
  40. A pitying of turtle doves.
  41. A wisdom of wombats.
  42. A descent of woodpeckers.
  43. A dazzle of zebra.
  44. God damn...I love the English language, and Wikipedia.