As cleverly suggested by the ever-clever @Melodie Sorry for the delay. I had dinner guests. I've had some wine. Here we go.
  1. Sometime ago, you remember that ridiculous Mayan prophecy in 2012? The one where an already doomed civilization had the apparent foresight to predict the inevitable doom of the rest of the planet in 2012?
    You may remember such awful films as: "2012" with John Cusack. But, I digress.
  2. Anyhoo, I had this thought: "Well...for argument's sake, what if these jerks were kinda right? And, what if this 'Pascal's Wager' is bullshit, and we all do die? Fuck it. I'm going to say what I need to say!"
  3. And I did. For a month I posted my daily: "We're all going to die - Here's some thoughts from your favorite asshole" on Facebook every day.
    This was prior to the advent of the SEXT. I had not fully evolved yet.
  4. Ultimately, after all the countdown had subsided, I made a realization that every medieval historian had possibly concluded: maybe this was yet another massive sociological response to the psychological stigma of mass destruction.
  5. For example: in the year 999, Western Europe had a populace mass conversion to Christianity at the the total of 80%. All in reaction to the supposed return of Christ in the year 1000.
    That 80% conversion to one distinct religion in a population of 6.5 million people in just one year. Consider that.
  6. Consider also the ramifications of the events of 1186, in which the last vestiges of the Black Plague had ended, and you had a population naming their children after major Christian saints in response to the massive decimation of most of Western Europe.
    Cause and effect...all from the supposed destruction of humanity from Satan.
  7. Consider, also, the sociological reaction of 96% of religious converts making a first pilgrimage to Jerusalem in the year 1999...made in possible response to the return of Christ in the year 2000.
    Consider, if you will, the psychological and sociological "apocalypse" of Y2K.
  8. Now...take all of that, and consider the following: what is our society's obsession with death? I mean, I'm talking literal mass conversions to religions that promise an eternal afterlife, or the possible destruction of existence because of a faulty computer code?
  9. My thinking: we, as a society, obsess with our own destruction. We don't enjoy the concept of life because it doesn't prompt us to act when things are problematic. Death and annihilation are more entertaining and, frankly, sexy.
  10. Since the Mayans absurdly predicted the demise of the Earth in 2012, I thought: "Fuck it. We'll go old school. Thinking...'Ghostbusters'". Why? It's an absurd movie that features an apocalyptic prophecy that means nothing.
  11. The coming of Gozer is part of the Ghostbusters film story tradition, specifically, with the chosen form of Gozer.
    Remember the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man?
  12. My chosen form? The song "Friday" by Rebecca Black.
    Why this song? Google it, kids. You'll understand.
  13. sounds crazy, but it's my logic. People got the idea.
  14. I'm not saying I'm the easiest of friends...but I guarantee I will make you think.
  15. "Audio terrorism" is a whole other matter, and a matter I'm not proud of as a friend. It's the ugly, brutal progenitor of the SEXT...and I consider the SEXT to be elegant and civilized.
  16. SEXT