1. My grandfather, Ole Nels Cornelius Michaelsen, immigrated from a small fishing village outside of Oslo, Norway to Ellis Island, New York, 1932.
  2. On his citizenship papers, the folks at Ellis Island spelled our last name wrong: "Mykelsen" to: "Michaelsen".
  3. In Norwegian, the name: "Mykel" means: "Like God", similar to it's English equivalent of Michael.
  4. My middle name is: "Nels", which is a tradition in our family that the first born male Michaelsen takes the name: "Nels".
    I was not. My father was the first-born male Michaelsen in America, but I was technically, the third-born, after my cousin, John.
  5. According to the family, "Nels" means: "Of the sea".
  6. My name: "Erik" is Norwegian, but has obvious Swedish and Danish overtones. It means: "kingly and courageous."
  7. My father wanted to name me such terribly "not-getting-laid-sorry-to-anyone-with-this-names" as: "Sherbert", "Herbert", "Hank", and: "Stewart". My mom said: "No".
  8. So...in full, my name means: "Kingly and courageous/of the sea/like God."
  9. However, if I could do it over again, I'd take either: "Ethan" or "Peter". I always liked those names.😜
  10. Besides, all the "Eric's" with a "C" are the inferior model, and can get kind of twitchy. 😅😅😅
  11. Seriously, when I hear my first or last name either misspelled or mispronounced...ughhhhhhhh