For @mnickwrites
  1. Anything with Goldschlager, Jagermeister, and Fernet.
  2. I've had this drink in a bar called: "Maggie's" in the section of bars known as: "Armory Hill" in Syracuse, NY.
    My law school alma mater. Go 'Cuse!
  3. It wasn't so much of a drink, as it was a: "thing you do to win a t-shirt" kind of nonsense. It was called: "Gold Run".
  4. The challenge was to drink a shot of Goldschlager, a shot of Jager, and a shot of Fernet Branca, and then chase it all down with a beer of your choice. If you could hold it in, you got a t-shirt.
  5. I took the challenge one night, and I did it. I held it down. I won a t-shirt.
  6. I immediately excused myself, walked outside, and threw up in a bush.
  7. Don't take terrible drinking challenges for t-shirts, children. Just don't.