1. One of these candidates will address student loan debt, a crisis reaching up 1.3 trillion dollars. Yes, that's trillion with a "t".
    "I've been crying, cuz' I'm lonely"
  2. Student loan debt is currently considered as a priority, non-dischargeable debt according to the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.
    "Smiles have all turned to tears/Tears won't wash away the fear"
  3. This was, in part, passed into the reform of the 2005 Bankruptcy Act during the Bush Administration by pressure from lenders and banks that gave out high-interest, privatized educational loans.
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  4. I am not suggesting that everyone deserves a free education. Oh, no. Sadly, we live in a capitalist society. We have to earn money for goods and services. However, these student loan debts are crippling people to the point where they default on the payments, get sued, ruin their credit, and get wage garnishment and bank levies
    "Keeps me crying, baby, for you/Gonna keep sighing, baby, for you..."
  5. For the entirety of this campaign, not one candidate has addressed discharging student loan debt in bankruptcy. Not one. They talk of free education, but not what to do with the existing debt.
  6. My point? This issue needs to be addressed. Two bills proposing this measure have died in committee. I meet hundreds of people that can't do anything about their financial situation, because their private loans can't be affected, and they do not have the money to pay this debt.
  7. You can think whatever you want on the subject. I'm not listing this for a debate. I'm saying that student loan debt is an epidemic, but it's not being discussed by anyone.
  8. As for me? If the Bankruptcy Act is changed to include student loan debt, not only will I be busy as fuck, I will be the first in line to file, kids.
  9. "So, won't you please? Come on, boy...and see about me."
  10. Fingers crossed, kids.