It's a concept album. Thank you, @nathanveshecco for this! I hope I followed the rules. I don't think that I did.
  1. "Opioid Constipation"
  2. "Mu Receptors in the Bowel"
  3. "Über Bladder"
  4. "Super Beta Prostate"
  5. "Getting More Confident"
  6. "Truck Stop Honeymoon"
  7. "Slowly Add In Three Large Eggs"
  8. "Mom - The Only Woman In My Life"
  9. "Boner Assault"
  10. "Hairspray Trigger"
  11. "Bus Station Urinal Maintenance Power"
  12. "It Touched My Clavicle"
  13. "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Shot My Dad"
  14. "Puppet Porn"
  15. "Crash Test Dummies Ate My Goldfish. Yes, I Do Mean The Band."
  16. Various scratching noises, followed by Mr. Spock repeating the words: "Pure Energy".
  17. Oh, and all songs will be written in the key of "G". All lyrics will be written on napkins taken from various Arby's restaurants.