1. Greedy siblings that leave their dead mother's bedside as soon as she's passed without so much of a word, leaving everyone to handle the affairs.
  2. Greedy sibling's false sense of entitlement to receiving things just because they were born.
  3. Those who sometimes have to do things for the greater good, even it's horrible and deceptive at times.
  4. People that enjoy the privilege and benefits that the law grants them, but get pissy because they should inure the entire benefit without any cost.
  5. People who are unkind to animals.
  6. People who are unkind to children.
  7. People who are unkind to the old.
  8. Men who abuse their wives, girlfriends, significant others.
  9. People that treat each other as their "property" in relationships.
  10. Without specifically naming anyone, some of the women I have dated.
  11. People that whine about the past (specifically, me).
  12. The California Bar Exam.
  13. Ticks.
  14. "There is a place, a place in hell/reserved for me and my friends." - Morrissey.