These Thrills Are So Cheap, They Will Blow Your Goddamn Mind

  1. Breathing.
  2. Blinking.
  3. Being alive.
  4. Eating sushi.
  5. Forgetting the words to stuff.
  6. SEXTing.
  7. Never being serious, but always being mysterious.
  8. Rhyming stuff.
  9. Eating fruit.
  10. Not being allergic to stuff.
  11. Harassing your phone.
  12. Kissing people.
  13. Kissing active-duty policemen.
  14. Kissing active-duty police horses.
  15. Running fast.
  16. Going for rides in the back of cars.
  17. Dancing to stuff.
  18. Working out.
  19. Getting "swollen".
  20. Working "on your back lats, and your tri-ceratopsian cortoids."
  21. Making up names for muscle groups to disguise how much you don't work out.
  22. Drop stuff.
  23. Drop the hammer. It's time for action.
  24. Eat stuff.
  25. Do things.
  26. SEXT