1. My blue eyes. I got them from my mom. Not literally. That'd be awkward.
  2. My ability to "clean up" nicely.
  3. My education, which is derived from my overwhelming need to please my parents for their affection, and compete with my hyper-ambitious sister. But still, I worked my ass off to get where I am.
  4. My small achievements, however rudimentary. I went to Oxford. My sister did not. This pleases me. I went to law school. This was my own choice, and this, too, pleases me.
  5. My double-jointed thumbs.
  6. My interestingly convoluted life. I spend 99% of my day sorting out other people's problems. When I was asked this morning: "Wow. I guess you guys are working through the holidays, hunh?", my first thought was: "I'm sorry. Since when does being the world's sometime babysitter ever stop?"
  7. My massive ego.
  8. My massively self-deprecating sense of humor. Which I why I don't have too much of an ego.
  9. My bizarre way of looking at things that make no sense to anyone else. It's a gift.