Inspired by @brimattia
  1. I played soccer for sixteen years, both indoor and outdoor, and was a referee.
  2. I was also a figure skater as well. I tried to play hockey when I was young, but I couldn't skate backwards.
  3. I wanted to be a doctor originally, but got caught up in the job that I am truly passionate about.
  4. I still collect comic books. I've been collecting them since I was eight.
  5. I enjoy all types of music, but I particularly love jazz.
  6. I was a punker for years. I even dyed my hair purple, and had six earrings.
  7. I enjoy children, and usually get stuck babysitting because I don't mind them.
  8. I am extremely open, but I am a deeply private person.
  9. I have very few close friends.
  10. I write better when I am angry. It gives me focus.
  11. I SEXT to make you laugh. However, you all laughing makes me feel good.
  12. All of the photos I SEXT are either found randomly on the internet, or by me, finding dumb stuff in the world. They're for my amusement only.
  13. SEXT