Inspired by @biz and @ListPrompts
  1. Is the heater turned off?
  2. Is the stove turned off?
  3. Is the dryer turned off?
  4. Where's Twilly?
  5. Where's Froggy?
  6. Is the house on fire?
  7. Maybe I should check.
  8. (Gets up to check). Nope, house is not on fire.
  9. Are the doors all locked?
  10. Did I close the garage door?
  11. Maybe I should check.
  12. (Gets up to check) Yep, everything is locked.
  13. (Alarm goes off) HOLY SHIT, I DIDN'T SLEEP!
  14. end scene.
  15. Thank you. I'll be here all night. Be sure to tip your waiter.