1. Words cannot express, nor even begin to explain how deeply touched I am by all of your kind words and thoughts throughout the day.
  2. I cannot even begin to thank you enough.
  3. From the moment I joined this community, I never felt more welcome, met more amazing people, and laughed and cried with such a wonderful group of people.
  4. I have shared more about myself here than anywhere on social media. For some reason, everyone always made me feel safe and secure to be myself. I thank you for that.
  5. I wanted to show you my life with Twilly and my dogs, because I wish you all could meet them. I wish you could have met Twilly. We loved her so much. I know you would have too.
  6. Thank you all for being the best community ever. Please never forget how special you all are, each and every one of you.
  7. I love you all. Thank you so much.
  8. SEXT
  9. Love, E