1. I have never raised a fist in anger at anyone in my life. I am, nor have ever been, an advocate for violence.
  2. In my youth, I have fought people in self-defense. I believe in the Force and the law: "...for knowledge and defense. Never for attack."
  3. Today, I saw this thing we call "The President" tacitly support terrorism in the name of racist, neo-Nazi white nationalism.
  4. All the fucker had to say was: "America doesn't support this kind of behavior." He didn't.
  5. Today, I said out loud: "I'm morally and ethically open to the possibility of getting into a physical altercation with a goddamn Nazi."
    I meant every damn word.
  6. There's a protest on August 26 for the alt-right here in San Francisco.
    There will be an opposition force.
  7. I am strongly debating whether or not I need to be there to fight this bullshit.
  8. My Uncle John, my Uncle Robert, and my grandparents all fought in World War II...my grandparents were immigrants as well.
    My grandmother fled Austria during Hitler's rise to power in 1932. She made Allied munitions at a factory in the East Bay. My grandfather from Norway sailed "Liberty Ships" out of San Francisco Bay for the war.
  9. I am okay with kicking a little racist piece-of-shit's ass. They all look like scared cowards, and I am, arguably, crazy as hell.
  10. I have had a long day. I am still debating how this decision would affect myself, my professional career, my family, and my future.
  11. But...for FUCK'S SAKE...I'm okay with this level of personal violence.
  12. The scary thing is...I'm personally okay with this level of violence.
  13. August 26th is my mother's birthday. She'd be okay with my dedication to protecting the freedoms for others. She'd also be highly disappointed with my personal choice to fight, if challenged.
  14. Annie would also like me to be safe and healthy as well. So would my boys.
  15. But...I am very, very angry right now, and contemplating some very dark thoughts.
  16. Impeach this fucking shithead ASAP