Because @stevecady is hilarious. Thank you.
  1. "Where's the beef?"
  2. "Is that a bear?"
  3. "Is a bra supposed to have mud flaps?"
  4. "Forgive me, Jesus."
  5. "Do you work here?"
  6. "I'd like to return this milk. I think it has spoiled."
  7. "Coffee, tea, soda pop, pee."
  8. "Can this session include a free reapolsetry? I have a coupon."
  9. "Yes, I'll go with the 'pina colada' scent, please."
  10. "Do you have a husband?"
  11. "Do you have a boyfriend?"
  12. "Do you have a creepy friend that likes to watch?"
  13. "Do you have an imaginary friend that likes to watch?"
  14. "Do have a small lizard that likes to watch?"
  15. "Did you ever wonder if Scott Bakula ever made it home on 'Quantum Leap'?"
  16. "What do think Ernest Borgnine is up to nowadays?"
  17. "Am I supposed to kiss your mouth, or your elbow? I always get this wrong."
  18. "Shoes first, pants second."
  19. "Measure twice, cut once."
  20. "Yes...I AM a licensed park ranger. Why do you ask?"
  21. "You set my heart aflame, yearning for your touch like some remote and glorious sunset. Your lips cascade a breaking river within me. You breathe in an ether of my sighs. You live in an ether of my sighs and longing. I love you, Grandma."