For @abbsolutelyNot who can talk me into anything.
  1. About two years ago, I first heard the word: "sext".
  2. After doing some research, I determined that a "sext" referred to the cultural phenomenon when someone wrote an erotic message via text.
  3. My first reaction was: "That's dumb! What if someone got your phone? Your private, weird, sex-stuff is all out there for the world to see!"
  4. Then, I started to get disappointed. Mainly, I felt like people were losing something to technology.
  5. For me, and this is just me, if I want to communicate my private, sexy thoughts, I prefer a letter. A letter meant that one took the time to think strategically about the message, and to write something deep, meaningful, and, frankly, broiling with sexual tension. A letter requires serious thought, especially when it comes to sex.
    Kids: I am ALL about the sexual tension.
  6. The concept of "sext" belied a deeper problem: one loses the ability to seduce another person through romance when all one has to do is grab a phone, say something pornographic, and snap a photo of one's genitals.
  7. So, I got frustrated with seeing people sending "dick pics", or demanding nude photos from others, specifically men doing it to women. The ability to instantaneously self-gratify through a smart phone and the Internet had replaced the "Art of Woo".
    Yes, I just said: "The Art of Woo."
  8. Mind you, it's not my job to play "crusader" or to make a moral stand on something. Hell, I'm a soon-to-be 41 year-old man with a liver that probably would like to personally eject itself violently from my body at the first opportunity. I'm not good at giving moral lessons.
  9. However, if the art of communicating was going to be distilled (some would say: "bastardized") into a tag line, I would quietly make my protest. If I could not beat them, I would join them.
  10. With that logic in mind, "SEXTing" was born. Within that philosophy, you have freedom. Anything could be a SEXT, so long as you stated it was.
  11. It doesn't have to actually be erotic. You've all seen how insanely bizarre most of them are. It just had to make kind of a point, and use the word: "SEXT".
  12. Why make the word all in capitals? Good question. Maybe because we don't notice things unless they're raised to a certain "volume". We associate capital letters in the connotation of someone yelling at another person. How did this psychological association develop? With the advent of the smart phone and instant gratification, silly.
  13. Since phones are now actual computers/research devices/application tools, and less about talking to someone else far away, the written word becomes a means to an end - a method by which we are noticed, acknowledged, and given praise.
  14. "SEXT" is loud. It is in caps. It shouts at you: "Notice me! Are you actually turned on by this? Should you be? Are you laughing? You're giving me attention!"
  15. Because smart phones and the Internet allows us to communicate with anyone virtually anywhere, we become the only consistent member of our own audience. Even if no one laughs at a joke you Tweeted, or some crazy photo you posted, you are still the only subscribing member. You can self-entertain in a medium that reaches billions of people.
  16. However, to me, it also speaks of a strange, desperate loneliness. We have to entertain others to in order to feel connected to them.
  17. Am I speaking about myself? I don't I? Are you?
  18. So, I pick through our "intellectual junkyards" for goofy photos that have nothing to with romance whatsoever. I throw them on the web, and yell: "SEXT" really loudly into the "void". Sometimes, it makes you laugh. Sometimes, it makes me laugh.
  19. In either case, a part of me knows that there are a lot people that would rather have the following sent to them as either a romantic gesture or of sincere friendship than a picture of a penis.
  20. SEXT
  21. Ta-da.