It's Friday and you want to be a nice guy. Don't fuck up the donut order and look like a dweeb. Working with the least common denominator donut set here, so if you try to suggest a combination of maple and bacon you can just fuck right off to the accounting department.
  1. 2 chocolate iced
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    If only for the visual. Interchangeable with chocolate iced with sprinkles.
  2. 3 glazed
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    Crowd favorite, give the sheeple what they want.
  3. 2 Boston cream
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    When in the Northeast, don't look like a tourist just call them creme donies.
  4. 1 strawberry jelly
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    Not everyone is as fat as you it's right to provide a healthy option.
  5. 1 chocolate cream
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    It's the weekend someone wants to get sloppy. Haha and you can tell someone it looks like they're eating a butt (not anyone in HR).
  6. 1 strawberry iced with sprinkles
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    Whoever eats it is an idiot probably Barb or Nancy but whatever it looks nice.
  7. 2 French crullers or old fashioneds
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    A little rich but maybe for a special occasion or Catholic feast day.