1. When you order one light bulb and Amazon recommends 100 more.
    What U think I'm interested in light bulbs?
  2. When a webpage deletes your password AND username after you try the wrong password.
    Sorry I forgot my password why R U punishing me?
  3. When your phone has like 0.00001 bars of Wifi but refuses to switch to LTE.
    It's not toothpaste UR not gonna squeeze out just a little bit.
  4. When your DVR complains it's not connected to the internet then you connect it and the only difference is now it shows you ads for Dancing With The Stars.
    Uhh who is this really 4 me or U?
  5. When ConEd sends me text messages telling me about new terms and conditions
    What U think we're friends?
  6. When you click something and it opens in a new window.
    Eh thought this window was pretty good but guess U know better.