1. Ask for extra work and get it done quickly.
  2. Take a role in mentoring more junior employees.
  3. Find out something his wife is really into. Like the musician Pink.
  4. Take care of busywork to keep his schedule clear.
  5. Facebook message his wife and talk about your common interest (the singer/actress Pink).
  6. Leave positive feedback on his yearly review.
  7. Suggest to his wife that the two of you meet up, maybe for that Pink concert. Or dinner. Whatever.
  8. Make sure you're exceeding your team's objectives for the quarter/year.
  9. Tell his wife that you really enjoyed the concert and you'd like to see her again. Start a secret relationship with her.
  10. Publicize your successes in the office by tactically CC'ing your boss and his superiors.
  11. Comfort his wife, and remind her that no matter what she decides to do, you support her. You know it's scary, but together you can "Get This Party Started."
  12. Prepare a timeline of the positive impacts you've made on the organization.
  13. Show your boss the pictures you keep in your wallet of you and his children enjoying time together on the weekend.
  14. Attend training courses in areas that would help in the new position.
  15. Suggest to your boss that if you don't get this promotion, you will ruin him.
  16. Get those new business cards printed -- you did it! Now come on and come on and raise your glass (for me).