Inspired by @ChrisK and @angusisley
  1. I flew into New York on September 10th
    I was working in Chicago and flew back to New York for a three day gig. I flew in late on the night of the 10th and there was a pretty heavy storm with strong winds pushing the plane back and forth much more forcefully than usual as we descended.
  2. I woke up at 10:30am on September 11th
    Staying with a friend in Brooklyn, who was gone for the day, I woke up and jumped on my bike to head to the train station. I had no idea. Biking along like everything was normal, I do remember feeling like something was off, almost like the world was moving slower.
  3. The subway was closed
    Police tape cordoned off the station. I asked a policeman outside what was going on and he told me a plane had struck the WTC. My first thought was "the strong winds!" Then he said he thought it was terrorism.
  4. I biked to the river
    I got there and there were hundreds of people staring across the water at black smoke choking the bottom of Manhattan. Car radios blared the news. People hugged one another.
  5. I met friends
    I went to meet with friends in Brooklyn and we drank. We didn't know what to do. We drank. We hugged. We cried. We listened to and watched the news.
  6. That night
    I never made it into the city. A girl I had always loved met me at a bar in Brooklyn. We went back to her place and held each other the entire night. No sex. No fooling around. Just a pure, childlike need for reassurance and love. #neverforget