1. Cats don't dress up like they're Thor, Mad Max, or the Terminator.
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    Willingly. Some owners might put their cats in Mad Max costumes.
  2. Cats have natural night vision.
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    Dog has night vision goggles, which aid him in hunting down his bounty, but they can be costly. Cats have FREE night vision goggles.
  3. Cats have never been convicted of first degree murder.
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    Dog was. In 1976, he was waiting in a car when his friend accidentally shot and killed an alleged pimp during a deal to buy cannabis. Cats don't know how to use guns nor do they smoke cannabis (willingly).
  4. Cats don't use racial epithets.
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    Dog got busted once for using the N word when discussing his son dating a black woman. Not a single cat has used the N word or any others.
  5. Cats are cuddly and cute
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    Dog smells of Marlboros, leather, and warming lube.