I grew up in SF so I'm already predisposed to environmental causes. Plus I'm Jewish so I'm predisposed to being neurotic about environmental causes as well as everything.
  1. There is a urinal somewhere, probably in an airport, that hasn't stopped flushing since 1996.
  2. If that's true, then there has to be a running faucet in some snow cabin someone forgot about.
    Can be forgiven if they had to run out and shred pow.
  3. Golf courses
    The good news is, if we run out of water we will still have gorgeous golf courses to play golf on and drink Cristal.
  4. Someone's working on this, right?
    Is anyone coming up with plans to build a large pipeline from Canada to provide the most precious resource in the world to areas that need it most for the good of the people? They are, you say? It's called Keystone? Funny name but I am excited.
  5. El Niño
    Apparently the weather has been so hot this year that El Niño is going to come in like a beast and throw dollar bills all over California's parched ass. I am heartened to hear that but concerned the news stories are going to lessen the concern about conservation and perhaps El Niño won't even live up to the hype! Also, is El Niño the cartel boss who just escaped from prison? If he has the power to control the weather, maybe we should let him be free?