1. Traditional Balsamic Vinegar:
    First type, made is Reggio Emilia & Modena Italy, has a D.O.P. certification stamp, put in an aging barrel for at least 12 years
  2. B.V. is from grape must
  3. Put in a aging barrel for at least 12 years
  4. Gets more concentrated as it ages
  5. No added sulhpites
  6. If don't want traditional go for:
    Condimento w/ a Consorzio di Balsamico Condimento label
  7. Look for little ingredients, if it only has grape must that is great!
  8. If there's one w/ a family name and address, that is good!
  9. Ways to use B.V.
    Glaze, ketchup, pearls, syrup, saba, white balsamic.